I am From Poem

This is an “I Am From Poem” written for an assignment in my multiculturalism class.  It’s not Shakespeare, but it captures the purpose of the poem.

I Am From Poem

I am from Appalachian hills graced with Magnolias and Balsam trees,
Blue ridge mountains and forest green hued leaves,
Sun soaked lawn chairs and balmy summers,
Rambling black bears, white squirrels, and blue fireflies.

I am from a rural town—a retirement community,
A church on every corner,
Breakfast cafes, coffee bistros, and gift shops,
A family business specializing in jeweled adornment.

I am from segregated streets: rich, poor, black, and white,
Distinct tastes: sweet tea, apple pies, and peach cobblers,
Presbyterian, but not of the frozen chosen sort,
A conservative family, rooted in Christian values.

I am from college in the Tennessee rolling valleys,
Biblical studies, theology, philosophy of religion,
Greek and Hebrew.

I am from graduate school, brick laid streets of Maryland,
Plato, Hume, Kant, Melville, and Joyce.

I am from pipe tobacco and cigarettes,
Bread pudding and Guinness beer,
Moon lit, late night conversations,
Philosophical quandaries and ethical debates,
skinny dipping and camping.

nothing and everything
quietness and loudness
crisp mornings and starlit nights
anxious and calm
plenty and destitute
full of life and ripped hearts
life and death



I am to: hope for the broken hearted, healing for the wounded