OCD and Biblical Counseling: Quote

“As above, a major obstacle for the Biblical Counseling movement is comprised of the facts that neither biblical attestation nor empirical findings demonstrate the truthfulness of a psycho-hamartiological theory of symptom-etiology, and that OCD is effectively treated in non-Christian populations with the use of”secular” interventions (i.e., Ex/RP; Barlow, 2014; Williams, Powers & Foa, 2012). Such facts require honest investigation into the real effectiveness of BiblicalCounseling for the treatment OCD in particular, and that of other psychological disorders in general.”

— Leins, C. J. K. (2018). The psycho-hamartiological theory of symptom-etiology: A critique of biblical counseling as an intervention for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 37(4), 323-332.–