Site’s Purpose and About Me

The Purpose of this website

  • The purpose of this website is to provide a place where ideas, research, and methods regarding counseling approaches, theories, and presuppositional frameworks are collected.    
  • To engage the topic of beauty in literature, theology, psychology, and art with regards to its meaning, purpose, and usefulness in counseling.
  • This website is meant to serve as an educational tool only.

About Author

I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and hope to remain in these smoky and blue-hued mountains for the remainder of my life.  I enjoy thoughtful games of chess with a cup of dark coffee particularly during cool mornings.  Chocolate, pecan pie, hammocks, sweet tea, U2, and the Mumford and Sons are some of my favorite things.  I find inspiration in creativity and art.  

  • Presently the author of this site is working on a Masters in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling and will be seeking licensure after the educational requirements and required supervision hours are completed.  
  • Presently the author of this site is not a licensed counselor, but a student.  The author of this site is not working on becoming a “Biblical Counselor” or a “Christian Counselor”.


Bryan College, Dayton, TN — B.A., Biblical Studies, Minor in Greek, 2004

St. John’s Graduate School, Annapolis, MD — M.A., Western Classics 2006

Montreat Graduate School, Asheville, NC – M.A., Masters in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling – 2016 – Present (Currently a Student).

I enjoy interacting with others, so please share your thoughts at the bottom of my blog posts.